Enjoy Fresh Summer Sounds – Phoenix Magazine Playlist June 2018

June 6th, 2018

We are glad to see Solblomma on the Phoenix Magazine Spotify Playlist for June 2018.

7. SoLBLoMMa

Charles de Gaulle

“My old friend Neil Mason is a man who knows about music, he founded and edits the excellent Electronic Sound Magazine and has written for NME, Melody Maker and many others. When Neil raves about a new act, I always pay attention and am always rewarded. SoLBLoMMa (Swedish, by total coincidence) is a case in point. Like an immortal Instagram Pippi Långstrump, SoLBLoMMa has been sitting alone in Charles de Gaulle for a hundred years, just waiting for you to join her for coffee and fika, and she is so terribly lonely. ‘Charles de Gaulle’ is surreal and dream-like, but poignant and heartfelt at the same time. A four-minute masterpiece from an alternative universe.

Words: Oisin Lunny



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