Sundown Lounge, San Fransisco, US, Podcast playing SoLBLoMMa tonight!

August 9th, 2013

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Sundown Lounge Podcast 334

“I checked out SoLBLoMMa – cool song, strange video, very nice website. I’m collecting songs now for the ‘through the transom’ submitted music episode for release this Friday the 9th, and “Come Count the SHEEP With Me” will be included! The episode will most likely air late Friday or in the wee hours Saturday, Swedish local time. Cheers!” Larry WinfieldSundown Lounge

Sundown Lounge is a laid back (and often explicit, you bet your ass…) international weekly podzine of extremely eclectic music, spoken word, weird science, progressive politics, interesting audio goodies, and occasional etc.

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Larry Winfield

Larry Winfield attended his first poetry reading at Weeds in 1990. Over the next twelve years he hosted open mics, featured at many local venues and festivals, organized the protest poetry reading at the ‘ 96 Democratic Convention, hosted a weekly poetry and jazz show on pirate station Guerilla Love Radio as DJ Merlot, published poetry books and the online/print zines Liquid Glyph and City Table Review, and performed in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, NY, LA and SF, and with ensemble groups Brothers in Verse and the many versions of his poetry band Brass Orchid. He currently lives in San Francisco, produces the “Sundown Lounge” podzine, and his latest project, the horror/SF podcast novel Banjo Strings.

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