Gefle Gas Review SoLBLoMMa

May 1st, 2017

On April 22, 2017, SoLBLoMMa performed at the new INDIE SWEDEN MUSIC FESTIVAL & CONFERENCE – GEFLE GAS – in Gävle Sweden.


“SoLBLoMMa – her name means sunflower – makes me tear my hair out. Not because she isn’t talented – she oozes it – but because of a superfluous stage act. Think Clare Grogan (Altered Images) meets Shirley Temple meets Vanessa Paradis on a personal level, while the band is more Black Lace singing Agadoo or The Tweets performing Birdie Song.”

“SoLBLoMMa, born in Gävle, is full of energy, her quirky, theatrical techno-pop songs are good and her band is pretty good too, especially the bassist. But for some mystifying reason, that band (the Sheep Army) dress up in chicken heads and wear tights to look like chicken legs. To top it off there is an asexual mannequin called Miriam placed stage left, which is dressed and undressed throughout the show, presumably according to the whims of the song being performed. SoLBLoMMa, Miriam and the Sheep Army”

Read the whole review by David Bentley here



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